Labour activity of Alexey Samygin began in 1979 in Moscow. Alexey Samygin made himself known by his high quality work and unique vision. Basing his design on traditions and a special love of craftsmanship Alexey combines timeless beauty with individual personality and creativity. With his attention to detail, precision in proportions and great choice of materials, he creates a world of exclusivity, luxury and comfort.

Since its foundation the company has always been oriented to high-quality and bespoke projects, specializing in interior and custom furniture design both for private and public spaces. Now the design studio is run by father and son team and creates effective solutions for traditional and contemporary interiors. Dmitry Samygin's design concepts are about simple forms, pure geometry and careful choice of materials. With his great sense of proportion based on the golden section, he creates the perception of harmony between surface and volume in his works. With his idea of clarity and quality Dmitry achieves the simplicity of design and richness of detail.

I would like to dedicate my life to creating beautiful things. Furniture is part of our environment. It has potential to create a special atmosphere, which may affect our mood, the way we feel and our well-being. To me, the value of furniture pieces lies in their meaning or function, not in their price. They should bring joy and put us in the right mood when we use them or look at them. If you love a certain piece of furniture, it comes alive and becomes even more beautiful.

A. Samygin

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